pizza with chicken


1)one can of peeled tomatoes

2)Georgian adjika — one tablespoon3)olive oil — 1 tablespoon4)tomato large size — 1 piece5)green or yellow bell pepper — 1 piece6)chicken breast, roasted — 1 piece7)bacon — a few slices8)Onion — 1 onion9)parmesan cheese — 50 grams


All what you need to cook pizza:

1)The special dough for pizza — 1.5 kg

For the filling:2)100 g of beef3)100g marinated mushrooms4)100g black olives5)2 sweet peppers6)4 spoons of tomato hot sauce7)200 g of cheese8)100 g of ham9)100 g of bacon10)salt and some other spices.