1. One day Sarah and her little son Ben were driving home from London. The weather was
fine and warm though it had been raining since morning. They hadn’t been to
their place for a long time and they could see some changes. “Mum, look, a new
house is being built in our street near our cottage”. Sarah’s cottage was a nice
little place. They moved there in 1989. It was theirs though in fact they
hadn’t paid all the money for it yet. They arrived, got out of the car and came
into the house. Sarah took off her bag from her shoulders and put it on the
stairs in the hall.

Ben ran into the sitting room, turned on the television though his mother
had forbidden him to do it. The boy made the TV work very noisily. Sarah left
the house,and took the food-box from the car. At that moment their dog pushed the
door and it locked. Sarah couldn’t get inside. The keys were in the bag, the
windows and the back door were closed and Ben didn’t hear her shouting.