Ответ: А можно пожалуйста ещё короче,просто это надо выучить и пепесказать,нужно очень коротко

Ответ: You will probably laugh when I heard you. The aforementioned ‘Pinocchio Syndrome’ to me one wintry morning after claiming that I always rubbed my nose when giving excuses for being late to his lectures. Apparently, when someone tells a lie, the person’s blood rushes to the nose and the extra blood makes it itchy. So if you think someone who is not honestly with you, This little example of non-verbal help.Now, I earn my living by training people in non-verbal communication. Knowing when someone is lying and knowing how to convince people you’re telling the truth are the two most important skills you’ll ever learn. For example, lawyers build their reputation on their deductive skills when cross-examining in court, while politicians need to rely on their powers of persuasion to gain support.Take the eyes, for example. If I told you a lie, you would probably expect me to look away rather than look you full. However, this is not, as usual, but the reflexive movements we make when we are trying to remember something. Because of this, glancing away is not easy. A good liar is not searching his memory for the truth. Here’s a tip, though. Watch the pupil of the eye; does it change size? If it gets bigger, this is probably an involuntary sign that something is being hidden.Body language is something that the majority of us can not control; it’s what escapes when we’re concentrating on something else. I could think I’m creating a good impression.Business clients are constantly in need of my services and I try to improve their confidence in themselves by teaching them about body language. I give advice about handshakes, which should always be firm and steady, and I teach the importance of personal space, explaining that people who live in warm climates. They may seem like minor matters, but these codes of conduct can be the key to making or breaking a business deal.My working life gives me a great deal of satisfaction. I feel that I’m providing a public sen / ice, but it’s a sen / ice that has had its downside. Whenever I meet someone new and I tell them what I do for a living, they immediately put them out. They are quite literally freeze in the attempt to hide all the signals that they assume. I’m reading. It makes life difficult at times, but I enjoy so much.ААА