Ответ: trekkedBackpackingreefscampingstaytripstolenviewtry1. Mary__will cook_(cook) dinner as soon as she__is_(be) through with her homework.2. It_is__(be) 7 o’clock now. I _don’t know__(not,know) when he__will return_(return) and whether he__will come__(come) at all.3. They _are leaving_(leave) for Paris in two days’ time. The plane__starts__(start) at 3 pm sharp.4. Tomorrow, if you__feel__ (feel) well, i_will let__(let) you go for a walk. 5. We__will go__(go) on an excursion if we__pass_(pass) the exams successfully.6. Everyone_knows__ (know) that when it_is__(not be) hot , snow_begins__(begin) to melt easily.7. I__promise_(promise) i_will write__(write) to you every day.