TASK 1 childhood; boring; sadly; snowy; wooden; quietly;

TASK 2 was sleeping; called; was getting; better; better; could not


One morning Sebastian (came) down and (found) the big front door open. “A thief (has got) in” he thought. The servants (looked) in every room. Nothing had been stolen! But in the morning the door (was) wide open again. The same thing (happened) day after day. The servants (did not go) to sleep one night. Suddenly they (heard) a strange noise. It (was) Heidi, in her white nightdress, (standing) on the doorstep.


The room is next _____ the bathroom. (A)TO

We can see a nice garden ______the picture. (B) IN

Our friends arrived ______ the station at 5. (B) AT